A page is any file found in the source directory that:

Pages go through several transformations:

  1. Evaluate Liquid template expressions.
  2. (If .md extension) Convert Markdown to HTML.
  3. Wrap the content in a Liquid layout.
  4. Write the results to a parallel location in the destination, but with an .html extension.

You can customize this behavior with the frontmatter.

Syntax Highlighting

You can highlight your code using the {% highlight LANG %} / {% endhighlight %} Liquid tags.

Alternatively, if you are using Markdown, you can annotate your code blocks.

To see what syntaxes are supported:

$ cobalt debug highlight syntaxes

To add support for additional syntaxes you can add a _syntaxes/ directory to the project root and include in this directory a Sublime Text syntax definition file each syntax.

The theme is taken from your _cobalt.yml. To see the list of supported themes:

$ cobalt debug highlight themes