Directory Structure

By default, cobalt mirrors your source file hierarchy in the destination, helping you get closer to a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get experience.

Files or folders that help generate the site but aren't directly part of the output are "hidden" from cobalt by prefixing them with a _.

The default Cobalt site usually looks like this

|- _cobalt.yml
|- _layouts
|  |- default.liquid
|- _includes
|  |- header.liquid
|- _data
|  |- movies.json
|- _sass
|  |- base.scss
|- _site
|  |- index.html
|- _defaults
|  |-
|  |-
|- posts
|  |-
|- _drafts
|  |-
|- _syntaxes
|  |- language.sublime-syntax
|- index.liquid
File / DirectoryDescription
.Root directory for your content. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_cobalt.ymlSite-wide configuration file
_layoutsTemplates that wrap pages. The layout is chosen in the frontmatter
_includesLiquid snippets of content to be shared among layouts or pages.
_dataData files that will be loaded as part of the {{ }} variable.
_sassSass snippets that can be imported into your .scss files.
_siteThe output directory of cobalt. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_defaultscobalt new initializes files from here based on the collection name.
postsPages in this directory will be treated as blog posts. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_draftsPages in this directory will be treated as draft blog posts. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_syntaxesSyntax highlighting support will be added for each Sublime Text syntax definition in this directory.
index.liquidAny other pages found will be transformed by cobalt.
Other filesAssets will be copied directly over from the source directory to the output directory.