Posts are special pages that live in posts. You can use a different directory for posts with the posts.dir in your _cobalt.yml.


Cobalt supports leaving posts in "draft" state. Drafts will not be rendered unless Cobalt is run with the --drafts flag.

To mark a post as draft you can either set is_draft: true in your frontmatter or add it to the drafts folder (_drafts by default).


This feature is currently experimental and need to be enabled by installing Cobalt from source with the pagination-unstable feature.

Currently, we can paginate on all posts only, sorted by date or title.


In the page that will be used as the index, turn on the pagination feature in the frontmatter. All non mandatory fields have a default value as show below:

  include: All // mandatory
  per_page: 5 
  permalink: "/{{parent}}/{{include}}/_p/{{ num }}/"
  order: Desc
  sort_by: ["published_date"]
Setting Format Description
include All Defines how we index the posts, only All is available at the moment.
per_page Integer Defines how many posts we got per index.
permalink String Defines where the subsequent indexes after the first are stored.
order Desc or Asc Defines the sorting order.
sort_by Array of Strings Defines the sorting criteria.


In a page with pagination activated, we access the posts through the paginator object instead of collection:

Variable Format Description
pages Array of Object The list of pages objects that belong to this pagination index.
total_pages Integer Total number of pages contained in this paginator.
index Integer Current index.
index_permalink String The relative Url path of the current pagination index.
total_indexes Integer Total number of pagination pages created.
previous_index_permalink String The relative Url of the previous page. Nil if no previous page is available.
next_index_permalink String The relative Url of the next page in the pagination. Nil if there is no next page available.
first_index_permalink String The relative Url of the first page in the pagination.
last_index_permalink String The relative Url of the last page in the pagination.