A static site generator written in Rust


Rust is f-a-s-t, fast! So is Cobalt. Turn your text files into a website almost instantly.


Because static sites are just plain ole text files, you’re able to deploy virtually anywhere with fewer resources.


Besides Rust’s guaranteed thread safety, static sites require no databases or authentication which leaves you less vulnerable to security risks.

Get Started Now

$ cargo install cobalt-bin

Basic Usage

$ cobalt init blog
[info]   Using config file ./.cobalt.yml
[info]   Created new project at blog

$ cd blog

$ cobalt build
[info]   Using config file ./.cobalt.yml
[info]   Building from . into build
[info]   Created build/index.html
[info]   Created build/posts/post-1.html
[info]   Copying remaining assets
[info]   Build successful