All pages optionally support having some metadata associated with them, called the frontmatter.

The frontmatter metadata is formatted using yaml and surrounded, above and below, with ---.


title:   My first Blogpost
published_date:    2016-01-01 21:00:00 +0100
layout: posts.liquid
Hey there this is my first blogpost and this is super awesome.

My Blog is lorem ipsum like, yes it is..

Default Frontmatter

title: ~
description: ~
published_date: ~
format: Raw
layout: ~
is_draft: false
permalink: path
slug: ~
excerpt_separator: "\n\n"
excerpt: ~
categories: []
tags: ~
data: {}

Overriding defaults from filename

Cobalt will infer some information from the filename.

Recognized name formats include:

  • slug.extension
  • YYYY-MM-DD-slug.extension
  • YYYY-MM-DD slug.extension

The two later ones are only recognised on build as publish managed the published_date and prepend the date to the filename by default.

Metadata Inferred Default
slug The slug portion of the name.
title A best-effort at making a title from the slug portion.
published_date The YYYY-MM-DD portion, if present.
format Markdown if extension is md.
is_draft true if in the drafts folder.

Field Descriptions

Metadata Format Description
title String The user-friendly name of the page.
description String The description of the page's content.
published_date YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS TZ The date the page was initially published.
format Raw, Markdown Content format that needs parsing.
layout String or null The layout template that wraps the page content, if present.
is_draft Boolean If true, not published by default.
permalink String The path for the generated page in destination.
slug String The path-friendly name of the file for use in permalinks
excerpt_separator String A marker for what leading content should be extracted from the content as an excerpt. "" will cause no excerpt to be generated.
excerpt String Manually override the extracted excerpt. This will be processed like a page.
categories List of Strings Hierarchical categories this page lives under.
tags List of Strings Tags attached to the page.
data Object User-defined data available at