Directory Structure

By default, cobalt mirrors your source file hierarchy in the destination, helping you get closer to a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get experience.

Files or folders that help generate the site but aren't directly part of the output are "hidden" from cobalt by prefixing them with a _.

The default Cobalt site usually looks like this

|- _cobalt.yml
|- _layouts
|  |- default.liquid
|- _includes
|  |- header.liquid
|- _data
|  |- movies.json
|- _sass
|  |- base.scss
|- _site
|  |- index.html
|- _defaults
|  |-
|  |-
|- posts
|  |-
|- _drafts
|  |-
|- index.liquid
File / Directory Description
. Root directory for your content. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_cobalt.yml Site-wide configuration file
_layouts Templates that wrap pages. The layout is chosen in the frontmatter
_includes Liquid snippets of content to be shared among layouts or pages.
_data Data files that will be loaded as part of the {{ }} variable.
_sass Sass snippets that can be imported into your .scss files.
_site The output directory of cobalt. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_defaults cobalt new initializes files from here based on the collection name.
posts Pages in this directory will be treated as blog posts. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
_drafts Pages in this directory will be treated as draft blog posts. Can be modified in _cobalt.yml.
index.liquid Any other pages found will be transformed by cobalt.
Other files Assets will be copied directly over from the source directory to the output directory.