Download a release.


$ curl -LSfs | sh -s -- --git cobalt-org/ --crate cobalt



Create a site with an example pages, posts, and layouts:

$ mkdir myBlog && cd myBlog
$ cobalt init


To serve your site locally, run:

$ cobalt serve
Building from `.` into `/tmp/.tmpgYpScM`
Watching . for changes
Serving /tmp/.tmpgYpScM through static file server
Server Listening on http://localhost:1024
Ctrl-c to stop the server

Add a Page

Add a new page or post to your site:

$ cobalt new "Cats Around the World"

A file will be created in the current directory. The type of file created is based on which directory you put it in.

Posts start out as "drafts". For them to show up on serve, you'll need to pass the --drafts flag:

$ cobalt serve --drafts

Publish a Post

Once your post is ready, you can publish it:

$ cobalt publish posts/

The page will no longer be a "draft" and the published_date will be set to today.

Build the site

Once the post is in published state, build the site:

$ cobalt build

The site is sitting in _site and ready to be uploaded!