A static site generator written in Rust


cobalt -h

  new -- create a new cobalt project
  build -- build the cobalt project at the source dir
  serve -- build and serve the cobalt project at the source dir
  watch -- build, serve, and watch the project at the source dir
  import -- moves the contents of the dest folder to the gh-pages branch

    -s, --source        Source folder, Default: ./
    -d, --destination   Destination folder, Default: ./
    -c, --config        Config file to use, Default: .cobalt.yml
    -l, --layouts       Layout templates folder, Default: _layouts/
    -p, --posts         Posts folder, Default: posts/
    -P, --port          Port to serve from, Default: 3000
    -b, --branch        Branch that will be used to import the site to,
                        Default: gh-pages
    -m, --message       Commit message that will be used on import, Default:
                        cobalt site import
        --debug         Log verbose (debug level) information
        --trace         Log ultra-verbose (trace level) information
        --silent        Suppress all output
    -i, --import        Import after build to gh-pages branch
    -h, --help          Print this help menu
    -v, --version       Display version