A page is any file found in the source directory that

Pages go through several transformations:

  1. Evaluate Liquid template expressions.
  2. (If .md extension) Convert Markdown to HTML.
  3. Wrap the content in a Liquid layout.
  4. Write the results to a parallel location in the destination but with a .html extension.

You can customize this behavior with the frontmatter.

Syntax Highlighting

This feature is currently experimental and causes installation to fail on Windows. To enable syntax highlighting, you need to install Cobalt from source with the syntax-highlight feature.

You can highlight your code using the {% highlight LANG %} / {% endhighlight %} Liquid tags.

Alternatively, if you are using Markdown, you can annotate your code blocks.

To see what syntaxes are supported:

$ cobalt debug highlight syntaxes

The theme is taken from your _cobalt.yml. To see the list of supported themes:

$ cobalt debug highlight themes